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Randall Bart

"Our Legends should always be seen, their music heard, and most of all young people should know about them and what they did to start their favorite kind of music". They gave  there all in life to pave the way , and we owe it to them to show respect , and always honor them!

I welcome you , each and everyone, to, where we will pay tribute to our musical Heroes and Legends. I was raised with the sounds of our Legends around our house from Kitty Wells to Eddy Arnold , from Elvis to Chubby Checker, the sounds of the Grand Ole Opry, and the Big band era, From a small town called Stratford in Ontario, Canada, TV played a major role in our musical life from watching The Tommy Hunter Show on CBC, and the Nashville Network,  every Friday night, to the Ronnie Prophet Show, to Don Messers Jubilee. 

Our Legends and Heroes gave their all in starting our favorite music. As many have passed on, it is important to honor them and educate our younger generations. Their are many performers who continue to play and entertain with true country music worldwide, let us support them by attending shows and buying their music!!

If you love the traditional sounds , and remember our Legends , please join me in preserving and promoting our heritage in Country music with this website! I welcome all ideas. Please feel free to share videos, photos. All will be given full photo and video credit, 

Wont you join me and Honor thy Legends?


Randall Bart

Kelly Bart

For as long as I can remember, music has been a part of my life. My Dad bought a 1963 Rock-Ola jukebox when I was 7 years old and filled it with music from Big Band to 50's & 60's, Classic Country, Current Country and even some Disco (hey it was the era!). I heard the most amazing music coming out of those speakers and it set up a lifetime of appreciation for all kinds of music, no matter the genre.

The Artists and Entertainers represented on this website have a significant presence in my music collection.  They deserve to always be honored and remembered for the incredible music legacy they created.  I hope you enjoy it. Honor Thy Legends!